Media 4. March 2024

Open Circle Expands Operations Center

Customer Proximity and Sustainability as Guideposts

Open Circle sees progress not just as a part of their work, but as the essence of their corporate culture. Their commitment to outstanding customer service and sustainability is evident in every step they take. This was particularly evident in the recent expansion of their Operations Center.

A Home for Innovation and Support

In view of the increasing demand for its newly launched product, the Managed Workplace, Open Circle has made its mission to adapt and expand its service accordingly. With the expansion of the Operations Center, the number of workstations was increased from three to six, enabling Open Circle to efficiently and effectively meet the growing needs of their customers.

In addition to five workstations, which are designed to process customer inquiries with maximum efficiency, Open Circle has installed a special setup workstation. At this workstation, they prepare and install the hardware for the Managed Workplace.

The support team was strengthened with Daniel Böhlen and Thomas Frei.

Sustainability and Professionalism Go Hand in Hand

Open Circle paid particular attention to the sustainable expansion of its Operations Center. By reusing existing glass walls and converting the office lighting to energy-efficient LED ceiling lights, they underlined their commitment to sustainability and professionalism. These measures show that ecological awareness and progressive working conditions are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary.

More Than Just Support: A Hub for Engineering Excellence

By building up additional engineering expertise in its Operations team, they expanded their traditional system and user support with additional services. By hiring specialized system engineers – Stefan Hansen, Blert Barileva and Daniel Markovic – Open Circle has significantly expanded its capacities. With this strengthened team, they are in a position to lead demanding customer projects to success directly within the Operations team. With their consistent customer focus, they are pursuing a continuous and sustainable increase in customer benefit.

Conclusion: Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

With the expansion of their Operations Center, they are underlining their deep commitment to excellent customer service while focusing on sustainability and the highest professional standards. This initiative reflects their belief that the key to long-term success lies in constantly improving and adapting to the needs of their customers, while at the same time using resources responsibly.

Daniela Siebertz

Marketing and Communication Manager

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