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Cyber attacks via phishing emails, file downloads, social media platforms, malware, shadow IT or unpatched computers are all sources of danger for your information security. Open Circle supports you in the area of IT security with training, awareness webinars, individual pentest, phishing campaigns and business continuity management.

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Security training

When it comes to information security, your employees represent a weak point. To keep the risk as low as possible, they should be trained regularly. Open Circle offers courses for this purpose. We show your employees which dangers and risks lurk in the handling of authorizations, information and access and create awareness for the secure use of IT components.


Awareness webinar

With the IT security awareness webinar, we offer you and your employees the opportunity to acquire a solid basic knowledge of cyber security. We inform about the correct behavior in case of incidents, secure and insecure users of IT and answer personal questions. After the 90-minute seminar with certificate of attendance, your IT users can move safely in the virtual world.

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Individual pentest

With penetration tests, also known as pentests, we simulate cyber attacks on your IT infrastructure and web applications. In this way, we show you the ways in which hackers can penetrate your systems. This allows us to close vulnerabilities at an early stage and prevent the worst case scenario.


Phishing campaign

Spam filters and other technical solutions can usually prevent phishing emails from reaching your employees’ inboxes in the first place. But if you want to be on the safe side, you should educate your IT users about the dangers of phishing campaigns. Open Circle organizes training and phishing simulations to help employees quickly identify, avoid and report potential threats.

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Business continuity management

Unforeseen events, such as a power outage or a natural disaster, can seriously disrupt business processes and cause great damage to companies. Open Circle helps you to prepare your company for such crises and to identify potential risk sources in advance.


Cyber security platform Wazuh

Away from firewalls and network-based intrusion detection systems, the open yource tool Wazuh is an interesting combination of host-based IDS, event monitoring and active threat prevention. Do you want to integrate Wazuh into your IT landscape? We are a certified Wazuh partner and will gladly support you in your project.


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