Open Circle presents the future: Launch of the Managed Workplace

19.02.2024 - Technology, Solutions, Media, News

The Managed Workplace revolutionizes the way we work by combining the management of all IT devices, software distribution, configuration and security checks. We rely on proven open source tools that intelligently combine to create a modern, digitally sovereign working environment.

Password manager – manage passwords securely

20.11.2023 - Security, Solutions

Passwords play a crucial role in the security of our personal data online. As we need access data for many different online services and accounts these days, it can be difficult to keep track of all our passwords. To avoid falling into the trap of using the same password everywhere, it is advisable to use a password manager. This way, complex passwords can be managed securely.

Backup Methods for Your Business

02.11.2023 - Security, Solutions

In the digital era, data is the backbone of any business. Data loss can be catastrophic – from business interruption to significant financial loss. Whether it’s human or technical error, […]

Sustainably productive in the home office

14.04.2020 - Solutions

Did you know that commuting is considered the biggest obstacle to happiness? Since the turn of the millennium, the number of people who regularly work from home has more than tripled, according to a study by the Federal Statistical Office (2019). This is due to the sharp increase in digitalization and the implementation of new forms of work. This allows you to offer home office in the long term without having to sacrifice productivity.

ISDN switch-off

09.01.2017 - Solutions

Did you know that Swisscom plans to switch off all analog and ISDN connections at the end of the year? Do you, like many other small(est) companies, still use ISDN? Then take action now and switch to VoIP.

Telephony solution from Open Circle: the answer to All IP

24.09.2015 - Solutions

Under the name “All IP”, Swisscom wants to switch off the analog telephone network by the end of 2017 and is planning the complete changeover to telephony via the Internet, also known as Voice over IP (VoIP). By then, the switchover of the approximately two million customers who still use analog telephony should be completed. This affects around 70 percent of SMEs and 30 percent of large companies that still use analog telephony or ISDN.

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