Blert Barileva

System Engineer

About Blert

Blert works as a Systems Engineer at Open Circle. He maintains server infrastructures and provides applications.

Blert completed an apprenticeship as a Systems Engineer at an internet provider in Zurich. Later he studied at the TBZ (Technische Berufsschule Zürich) and graduated as Dipl. Techniker HF Informatik. Meanwhile he continued working in his apprenticeship company as a VoIP Engineer.

He inherited his passion for computer science from his father. He also works in the field of IT.

In his free time, Blert likes everything that has to do with music. He attends concerts, plays guitar and collects records. Blert is also active in sports; he regularly goes jogging and to the gym. In terms of football, his heart beats for the Spanish club Real Madrid.

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