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Open Circle presents the future: Launch of the Managed Workplace

The Managed Workplace revolutionizes the way we work by combining the management of all IT devices, software distribution, configuration and security checks. We rely on proven open source tools that intelligently combine to create a modern, digitally sovereign working environment.

Podiumsgespräch mit Paavo Schöb

On February 1, 2024, we invited guests to the Cube in Zurich Albisrieden under the motto “Lust for the future”. Stefan Escher, CEO of Open Circle, opened the evening with the question of who had been thinking about the future over Christmas and New Year, and emphasized with a smile that there was an opportunity to do so that evening.

“A taste for the future” with Jörg Eugster – inspiring excursion with our ambassador for the future

The keynote speech by Jörg Eugster, futurologist and self-proclaimed future ambassador, took those present on a fascinating journey through the past, present and future. Jörg highlighted the “Sputnik moment” of AI and compared it to the iPhone moment, which will revolutionize life in the office through technologies such as ChatGPT.

In his outlook on the working world of tomorrow, Jörg emphasized the need for new devices. He outlined innovative examples such as the connection of artificial eye lenses to the cloud or to chips in the head. He made it clear that AI and robots could not only take away jobs, but also create completely new professions. “The jobs of our children do not even exist today,” he boldly predicted.

Presentation of the Managed Workplace with Pascal Mages – Our CTO in the spotlight

Pascal Mages, CTO of Open Circle, then presented the new SME solution “Managed Workplace“. This integrates IT asset management, software distribution, configuration, update management and security checks in a central cockpit. The Managed Workplace combines proven open source tools to create a digitally sovereign workplace.

According to Mages, the challenge of New Work is IT security, and this is precisely the focus of the “Managed Workplace”. With various monitoring tools, automatic log analysis and regular vulnerability scans, the solution offers a holistic approach to ensuring security.

The presented variants of the “Managed Workplace” – Essential, Advanced, Entreprise and Primus – offer individual customization options for companies of different sizes and industries. Customers can even integrate industry-specific software into the solution.

This video is only available in German


Panel discussion with Stefan Escher – CEO in dialog

We are delighted that numerous participants, including Paavo Schöb from Planar, are already benefiting from the advantages of the “Managed Workplace”. Paavo emphasized that the solution makes his job as an ICT manager much easier. Although he has a passion for IT, he is primarily a landscape planner. He now has time for that again.

Do you also have questions or are you interested in what this solution could look like for you? Get in touch with us.

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