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Swiss Business Cloud

The Swiss Cloud for small and medium-sized entreprises

Highly secure IT-infrastructure

With Open Circle’s cloud solution, your data and applications are securely hosted in Switzerland. You benefit from transparent costs, high data availability and 24/7 system support.

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Benefit from multiple advantages

High security

Access to our data centers in Zurich and Bern is very restrictively regulated. Through regular backups, your data is copied multiple times. This leads to more security.

Data sovereignty

The Swiss cloud from a Swiss data center ensures data sovereignty. You have sovereignty over your data and determine how it is used. Your data cannot be used or evaluated without authorization.

Subscribe instead of invest

Thanks to the subscription model, your IT costs are transparent and precisely calculable. With our cloud solution, there is no need to invest in your own IT infrastructure. You neither need your own server hardware nor a server room.

IT staff is relieved

By outsourcing your data to the cloud, you and your employees benefit from a wide range of support services around the clock.

High availability

We ensure that your data is available 24/7 and worldwide. In case of a server failure, we can provide your systems on another server.

High computing power

If necessary, we can quickly and easily add server resources. So you always have the right performance at your disposal.


What you can expect

Data center in Switzerland

The Swiss Business Cloud is hosted in highly secure Swiss data centers by Swiss companies in Zurich and Bern.

Protection from entry

Physical access to the server systems is only permitted to selected employees. This is done by means of biometric identification and separation lock.

Protection from access

Access to the systems is regulated in an extremely restrictive manner. Access is granted selectively and documented. All Open Circle employees have undergone a security check.


If necessary, you can flexibly adjust server resources such as RAM, CPU or storage space.

Firewall and network

The Swiss Business Cloud is protected by an enterprise firewall. The network is designed to meet your needs.

Security tested

Together with external security experts, we conduct an annual comprehensive security test for the cloud, a so-called penetration test.


ISO and Swiss Hosting

The Swiss Business Cloud is ISO certified and carries the Swiss Hosting label

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