Open Circle presents the future: Launch of the Managed Workplace

19.02.2024 - Media, News, Technology, Solutions

The Managed Workplace revolutionizes the way we work by combining the management of all IT devices, software distribution, configuration and security checks. We rely on proven open source tools that intelligently combine to create a modern, digitally sovereign working environment.

11th Ansible Zurich Meetup

19.12.2022 - Technology, News

On Tuesday, November 29th, Puzzle ITC and Isovalent hosted the 11th Ansible Zurich Meetup. About 50 Ansible gurus and those who want to become one were able to follow three […]

Chip design

12.10.2021 - Technology

That microchips are ubiquitous has been brought home to us in recent months with their scarcity. Many industries have had to interrupt or reduce production because they were unable to procure the required number of microchips. But how is such a chip designed in the first place? How do you get the complexity of several billion switching elements under control and how do these circuits finally get onto / into the silicon?

10th Ansible Zurich Meetup

30.09.2021 - Technology, News

The 10th Ansible Zürich Meetup took place on Tuesday, September 28 at the CUBE Event Hall and was the first real-life event after a long break due to the Covid Pandemic.

Screen connections briefly explained

10.04.2017 - Technology

Most modern monitors offer multiple ports, just like PCs and laptops offer multiple ways to connect monitors. Most users understand relatively little under the abbreviations HDMI, DP, DVI, VGA and USB-C. Most are content to find a suitable cable to connect the screen. It is worth considering which connections offer what.

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