Technology, News 30. September 2021

10th Ansible Zurich Meetup

The 10th Ansible Zürich Meetup took place on Tuesday, September 28 at the CUBE Event Hall and was the first real-life event after a long break due to the Covid Pandemic.

Ansible Meetup 2021

Over 25 people came to listen to the tech talks and to socialize while enjoying Food & Drinks (for which the Ansible Zurich Meetup seems to be famous for). The event was organized by Pascal, our CTO and sponsored by us as well as from our friends & partners from Puzzle ITC, datatrans und confirm-IT.

The talks Where is Red Hat heading to with Ansible? by Peter Mumenthaler (Red Hat) and WIP: Ansible and Netbox by Dominic Rüttimann (datatrans) where complemented by a spontaneous demonstration of the Integration of Netbox & Ansible/AWX at Open Circle by Kenneth Joos.

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Getränke auf Tisch.

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