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Telephony solution from Open Circle: the answer to All IP

Under the name “All IP”, Swisscom wants to switch off the analog telephone network by the end of 2017 and is planning the complete changeover to telephony via the Internet, also known as Voice over IP (VoIP). By then, the switchover of the approximately two million customers who still use analog telephony should be completed. This affects around 70 percent of SMEs and 30 percent of large companies that still use analog telephony or ISDN.

Junge Frau mit Brille telefoniert im Auto und schaut zum Fenster hinaus.

Swisscom has already been working since 2012 on the transfer of the first customers to the new IP system architecture. According to Swisscom, around half of its customers will be using the new IP network by the end of 2015. Only VoIP will be offered to new customers. Existing customers will be contacted so that a solution can be found.

Swisscom sees the switch as a necessary step in order to continue to meet growing market and customer needs in the future and to offer the best possible service. The switch to VoIP is also a global trend. The changeover will lead to a reduction in the number of technologies used, as fixed networks, television and the Internet, as well as all associated services, will transmit their data via the so-called Internet Protocol (IP).

The existing telephone system does not have to be changed in every case. There are basically three ways to switch from IDSN to VoIP:

  1. The existing telephone system supports VoIP telephony. In this case, the system does not need to be replaced.
  2. A media converter, which makes every existing ISDN system VoIP-capable for the external connection, is installed. There are no changes to the internal telephony.
  3. A complete switch to a VoIP telephone system (local or virtual).

How can you respond to this?

The third variant is offered by Open Circle and its telephony solution. It is a virtual VoIP system that is available via telephone integration (CTI client) in the Swiss Business Cloud. Through the integration, the phone can be operated by mouse click and the Outlook integration allows direct dialing of Outlook contacts. Through the cockpit integration, they always keep track of the configured telephones as well as the assigned phone numbers and can edit the call groups if necessary.

The setup of the virtual telephone system is done by Open Circle. Telephone devices are delivered directly to your office as needed and new numbers can be conveniently assigned via the cockpit integration.

We would be happy to inform you how your employees can make optimal phone calls in the future.


Further information:
Swisscom: What does All IP mean?
Swisscom: Modernization of fixed network telephony

Daniela Siebertz

Marketing and Communication Manager

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