Solutions 9. January 2017

ISDN switch-off

Did you know that Swisscom plans to switch off all analog and ISDN connections at the end of the year? Do you, like many other small(est) companies, still use ISDN? Then take action now and switch to VoIP.

Switching to VoIP is easy and saves costs

Switching to VoIP is easier than you might think. With the right provider, you can also save money. Purchasing new VoIP phone equipment pays for itself very quickly.

The telephone exchange becomes virtual

If you still have your own switchboard today, it will become obsolete when you switch to VoIP. Features such as internal speed dials, forwarding, group calls, day/night switching, answering machine, music on hold and conference calling will still be available to you.

What about fax?

Sending fax messages is also conveniently possible via VoIP.

  • Option 1 – virtual fax machine
    Faxes are simply sent and received via e-mail. A fax machine is not necessary for this.
  • Option 2 – adapter
    If you want to continue using your existing fax machine, it can be made VoIP-capable by means of an adapter and continue to be used as before.

Calculation example

An ISDN connection with 3 numbers currently costs CHF 43.20 per month. A comparable VoIP offer is already available from CHF 20. With a changeover, you can save up to CHF 300 per year. Suitable VoIP phones are available from CHF 100.

Ideal solution for home office and mobile employees

VoIP offers a number of other advantages over ISDN and analog telephony.

  • Telephoning with the PC
    With a so-called software telephone, employees can also make and receive calls with their office number in the home office.
  • Office number on the cell phone
    An app turns the smartphone into an office phone. This enables employees to make and receive calls with the office number while on the road, without having to set up a forwarding.
  • Answering machine via e-mail
    If someone leaves a voice message, it is forwarded by e-mail as an audio file and can be easily listened to anywhere.

Is my Internet connection sufficient for VoIP?

People often ask us if they need a faster Internet connection for VoIP. No, you don’t need it. VoIP only requires a low bandwidth of about 100 kBit/s per call channel. What is critical, however, is the latency, i.e. how long the information takes to travel through the network from the telephone to the server and back. We would be happy to check your Internet connection for its VoIP suitability.

How good is the call quality?

With the right telephone equipment and network settings, you can achieve significantly better call quality with VoIP than with ISDN or analog telephones, because a wider frequency spectrum is used. Of course, the other party must also be equipped accordingly.

Daniela Siebertz

Marketing and Communication Manager

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