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This guide shows you how to set up your SBC mailbox on Android. Please note that depending on the device and version, the options may be written differently.

For the setup, it is recommended that you have your login letter at hand. If you no longer have it, you can request it from your technical representative or from our Service Line at +41 44 552 13 13.


Open the Settings app and scroll down to the Users menu group. Then select Accounts and choose Add account in the next window.


Select the Exchange account type. In the following window type your mail address and select Set up manually.


Select the Exchange account type again.


Enter your password, which you will find on your login letter and select Continue.


Enter your employee name as username, which you will find on your login letter under “Employee name”.


Then scroll down to edit the server address (labeled Server). You can also find this information on your login letter under start page.

For the server address, remove the https:// at the beginning and the “/owa” at the end (e.g. becomes Then select Next.


Confirm the message regarding “Remote security management” with OK. If your phone is not protected with a password or PIN code, you will need to set one after setting up the mail account in order to use your mail account.


Adjust these settings according to your needs. Then select Next. Your account will be created.


In the next step, select Activate.


Name your account and select Continue.


Your account is now set up. You can manage your SBC mailbox from your device’s email app.

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