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In this success story, you will learn how FRAGILE SUISSE renewed its IT structure by working with Open Circle, thereby significantly increasing flexibility and security. Through a personal partnership at eye level with Open Circle, it was possible to transform a previously fragmented and vulnerable IT landscape into a modern and robust infrastructure. This was particularly crucial for the security of sensitive client data and the increase in operational efficiency.


FRAGILE SUISSE is a leading Swiss patient organization that specializes in supporting people with brain injuries. It coordinates a network that includes eleven regional associations and the hiki association for children with brain injuries. The FRAGILE SUISSE association offers a wide range of services to improve the quality of life of those affected and promote their inclusion. The training courses offered are aimed at professionals who work with those affected. With around 30 permanent employees in the umbrella organization, some freelancers and volunteers, FRAGILE SUISSE does indispensable work for those affected and their families.

Short description:Patient organization for people with brain injuries
Industry: Social and healthcare services, NGOs
Locations: Umbrella organization based in Zurich with a branch office in Lausanne and 11 independent regional associations throughout Switzerland
Target group: People with brain injuries, their families and professionals

Maximum security for sensitive data
Noticeable time savings through accelerated work processes
Flexibility through quick reactions

Initial Situation and Challenge: Many Outages and Data Losses

Until the switch to Open Circle, FRAGILE SUISSE’s entire IT infrastructure was managed by a very small Swiss IT company. The organization had to contend with many outages and data losses, which was particularly critical with the sensitive data. The in-house server was located in one of the two rented offices in Zurich at the time and therefore did not represent a redundant solution at two locations. As FRAGILE SUISSE was also moving to new premises at this time, a complete overhaul of its IT structure was an obvious choice.

„The frequent IT failures and data losses were no longer acceptable. We needed a reliable and secure new IT solution. The upcoming relocation of our umbrella organization provided the perfect timeframe for this.“
Martin D. Rosenfeld, Managig Director at FRAGILE SUISSE


Lösung: strategische Partnerschaft mit Open Circle


FRAGILE SUISSE uses various specialist brochures to inform those affected, relatives and specialists about the consequences of brain injuries

Following a comprehensive market evaluation, four Swiss IT service providers were shortlisted. FRAGILE SUISSE opted for Open Circle as its new partner. The decision was based not least on a recommendation from a business partner who was already working successfully with Open Circle. Open Circle also impressed with its coherent offer. The overall package includes a secure Swiss cloud solution with virtual servers and regular backups, simple implementation of Windows-based software solutions, IT administration and a telephony solution.

Solutions in use:

Implementation: Physical and Virtual Relocation at the Same Time

The move from the two rented offices to the new headquarters in Zurich was also the starting signal for the changeover with Open Circle. The migration to the new IT environment was a challenge. In particular, it was necessary to transfer the extensive databases securely. After detailed planning, the workstations were set up and the move to the virtual servers took place. The changeover was completed without any significant problems when operations were resumed in the new office.

„The constant availability of data from anywhere made work much easier and created the best conditions for working from home. This saves a lot of nerves and ultimately also time. The new data security is also an important aspect of working with Open Circle.”
Martin D. Rosenfeld, Managing Director at FRAGILE SUISSE

The reliable support provided by Open Circle made it possible to quickly address and solve IT problems. This increased operational efficiency and relieved the burden on staff. Only the telephony solution still needs to be optimized. The configuration that was made at the beginning of the collaboration no longer meets FRAGILE SUISSE’s current requirements.


Martin D. Rosenfeld is the Managing Director of the umbrella organization of FRAGILE SUISSE

Result: Sustainable Improvements in Safety and Operating Efficiency

Thanks to the new cloud solution and the enhanced security measures, Open Circle was not only able to prevent data loss at FRAGILE SUISSE, but also speed up work processes. The availability and reliability of IT services improved, which led directly to greater employee satisfaction. In terms of telephony, an optimized configuration is currently being implemented.

„Open Circle has helped us in many areas. We continue to rely on this partner because we know that together we can implement improvements in the areas that are critical to our daily operations.“
Martin D. Rosenfeld, Managing Director at FRAGILE SUISSE

Conclusion: Successful on the Path to Digitalization

The partnership between Open Circle and FRAGILE SUISSE is a good example of how a well-thought-out IT solution enables organizations to operate more efficiently and securely. This success story demonstrates how technological innovation and customer-centric service lead to a successful collaboration that meets the needs and expectations of customers.

„The many years of good cooperation with Open Circle allow us to carry out our important work free of data security concerns and with maximum flexibility. The quality of service is very good and we are taken seriously and understood.“
Martin D. Rosenfeld, Managing Director at FRAGILE SUISSE

For the future, FRAGILE SUISSE will continue to rely on Open Circle as a reliable partner with innovative ideas to support the organization on its path to full digitalization.


Pictures and logo: FRAGILE SUISSE

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