Digital Sovereignty 13. June 2024

Schleswig-Holstein Kicks Out Microsoft and Opts for Open Source

The digital rudder is currently being turned in Schleswig-Holstein: Microsoft has to go, and open source software is making its grand entrance. The small federal state in the far north is thus taking a bold step towards digital independence. But what is behind it?

Laptop mit Bild von Open-Source

Unexpected, but Refreshing!

Well, it’s a bit like a change of weather in northern Germany – unexpected but refreshing! Schleswig-Holstein no longer wants its data to be in the hands of a large American corporation that might send it across the world. Instead, the state relies on open source solutions where the software is freely accessible, modifiable and, above all, under its own control.

Everything in Their Own Hands

This change is comparable to switching from ready-made coffee to home-ground coffee – it’s about quality and the security of having everything in your own hands.

Digital Sovereignty Is the Big Keyword

Digital sovereignty – i.e. self-determination in the digital space – is the big keyword here. Schleswig-Holstein shows that you don’t have to rely on the big software companies to work in a modern and efficient way. By relying on open source, you also avoid the often criticized “lock-in effects”, where you dig yourself deeper and deeper into the dependency of a provider – a bit like a bog in the heath, from which you can hardly get out without outside help.

A Strong Signal in the Direction of Independence

To summarize: Schleswig-Holstein kicks out Microsoft and invites open source to the big digital party. It is a clever piece of work that not only provides more security and control, but also sends a strong signal towards independence and self-determination. A real northern lights view for the future of the digital landscape!

Source: Inside IT

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