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Solutions 11. July 2017
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The changeover went very quickly and without a hitch. Not a matter of course with 100 users.

Renaldo Bearth & Cedric Meury,

What was your motivation for switching to a new telephony solution?
Our existing Lynx telephony environment had to be replaced because it was old and no longer up to date. Since we recently switched to G Suite at, we also wanted to move to the cloud with our telephony. That’s why we were looking for a solution that was as simple and flexible as possible for classic fixed network telephony.

How did you experience the switch?
The switch went very quickly and smoothly. Less than 4 weeks passed from the order to the start of operations. Not a matter of course with 100 users. ITIGO accompanied us very well through the changeover process. We always knew what the next steps and critical points were.
What was a bit unusual was that we wanted to do a lot of the changeover ourselves. We have good internal IT and wanted to build up the necessary know-how for future operations right away. The people at ITIGO were open to this and they provided us with excellent training and support. The easy-to-understand management system of peoplefone Hosted also suited us very well, of course.

Were there no difficulties at all?
Our two multifunction printers, which are also used as fax machines, did not want to play along at first. However, the manufacturer was able to solve the problem in time, not least thanks to the experience of ITIGO and peoplefone.

How was the cooperation in the offer phase, the implementation and aftercare between you, peoplefone and the peoplefone partner, ITIGO?
The cooperation was great from the beginning! ITIGO quickly understood our needs and provided us with a clear offer in the shortest possible time. It was especially great that we already received a fully functional test environment with the offer, so that we could convince ourselves of the scope of services and the quality.
During and also after the implementation ITIGO was always available and helpful. They proactively supported us not only in technical but also in administrative matters. We had little contact with peoplefone, but even there we were always helped in a friendly and competent manner.
The project and the cooperation were really fun.

How satisfied are you with the current telephony solution?
We are very satisfied, everything is working as it should.

Was the change worthwhile?
Yes, definitely. With peoplefone Hosted, we are much more flexible than before and can always use the most suitable end device. No matter if this is a softphone, a smartphone app or a “real” phone. Last but not least, we are also 25% cheaper than with the previous solution.

The interview was conducted with Renaldo Bearth, Head of Internal IT & Service Desk and Cedric Meury, Head of Platform Engineering.

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