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Solutions 6. January 2017
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Firefox has an integrated password manager. Combined with Firefox Sync, which is also integrated, you get a simple and practical password management that works across multiple devices including Android and iOS. There is also the option to sync other data such as bookmarks, history between your devices. In our step-by-step guide, we will show you how to do it.

  • Install Firefox on all your devices.
  • Create a Firefox account, that will be used for the sync. The easiest way to do this is directly in Firefox via Settings > Sign in to Sync. Important: Be sure to choose a strong password (read what a strong password is here).
  • Select what Firefox Sync should synchronize. At the very least, you should select passwords.
  • Under Settings > Security, under Credentials, make sure “Remember credentials for websites” is checked so Firefox will remember your passwords.
  • Now connect Firefox on all your devices to the account you just created and also select at least the passwords (called credentials on Android) for synchronization.

Master password protects your passwords

To ensure that your passwords are safe even if someone gets hold of your device, be sure to set a master password for Firefox’s password management. You can set one under Settings > Security. Here, choose a password that is secure but easy to remember. From now on, this is the only password you need to know by heart.

Password generator

Unfortunately, Firefox’s password management lacks an integrated password generator. However, with the add-on pwgen – password generator this functionality can be easily added. After installing pwegen, a red “P” on a black background appears in the upper right corner of Firefox. One click is enough to generate a random password and copy it to the clipboard. With Ctrl + V you can paste the new password into the corresponding field. To increase the security of passwords generated this way, we recommend setting the password length to at least 14 characters. You adjust this in the default settings of pwgen. You can access the settings via the arrow next to the “P”. Set all checkmarks under “general settings” and set the desired password length under “extras”.

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