We plan, install, configure and monitor your network.




According to the requirements we use powerful firewall systems from OPNsense / pfSense or Fortinet, which can be flexibly extended with further security functions to ideally cover your protection needs.

VPN access / site networking

All of our firewall solutions provide secure, encrypted access to the corporate network, whether your employees work in off-site sales or need resources in the company from their home office. VPN access can be easily connected with different authentication methods.

Do you have several company locations whose local networks need to be securely connected? Our solutions are also ideal for this and prove themselves in daily use.

WiFi with roaming and user authentication

A properly planned and managed WiFi network allows not only good coverage but also uninterrupted handover between access points. With our products we also offer the possibility to connect the WiFi network to different authentication systems (Active Directory, LDAP, Radius etc.), so that individual users can log in with their individual login data. This offers the great advantage that a general WLAN password does not have to be changed on all PCs in the event of an exit.


On demand, our IT management platform can monitor your network and network-connected devices for abnormal behavior. This allows early detection of failures, resource bottlenecks, but also cyberattacks or malicious manipulations. Of course, we adhere to strict data protection guidelines.

We would be happy to get to know your needs and explain our options to you.


In addition to the areas mentioned above, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the area of data protection and IT security:

  • Antivirus management
  • Authentication tools
  • Backup management / disaster recovery
  • Best practices training
  • Data protection / access management
  • Emergency concepts
  • Security check

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