Digital Sovereignty 13. June 2024

Free Network, Free Choice

Net neutrality and independence are hot topics in the digital world. But why is this so important?

Imagine the internet as a huge buffet: There is something of everything here, for every taste and every need. Net neutrality ensures that every guest – big or small – has the same access to this buffet, without anyone being given priority or favoritism. But it is about more than just fair access; it is also about protection against censorship, surveillance, data retention and the protection of our right to privacy.

Without net neutrality, the internet could quickly become an exclusive party where only those with the fattest wallets get the tastiest morsels. Imagine if certain services loaded faster just because they had the better deal with the ISPs. That’s like giving some runners a head start in a 100-meter dash – unfair and against the spirit of fair competition.

The abolition of net neutrality also opens the door to censorship and surveillance. Without it, ISPs or governments could block certain content or make it slower to access in order to promote political agendas or suppress unpopular opinions. The internet should remain a free marketplace of ideas, not a controlled space where a few decide what can be seen or heard.

In addition to censorship, there is also the danger of surveillance and data retention, where large amounts of data are collected without any specific reason. This undermines the right to privacy and makes it possible to create a detailed profile of each individual’s activities. Independence on the net means that we have the freedom to choose our own tools and services without being dependent on a monopolist who may have access to and use our data.

The importance of net neutrality and independence is therefore clear: they are essential to keep the internet a place where innovation and diversity can thrive, free from unnecessary barriers, speed limits, censorship and surveillance. They keep the internet fair, free and secure – exactly the way we value and need it.

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