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Solutions 8. July 2015
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Since July 8, 2015, youngsolutions offers the Swiss Business Cloud (SBC). The SBC is a complete package consisting of a virtual workstation, support, backup and IT control via the Cockpit, which was developed in-house. Previously, youngsolutions’ “desktop from the socket” was known as Managed Virtual Workspace (MVW). However, the MVW was only one component of many individual parts of the offer package. The main difference to the MVW is that customers now pay a fixed price (scalable by company size) for the effective number of users per month. Further advantages:

  • User rights: Changes, such as adding the authorization for a new employee, can now be made with just a few mouse clicks via the cockpit. You want to give a user more rights on the data store? No problem, simply manage the rights in the cockpit.
  • Application software/programs: Do you have a special ERP solution? We can also provide that for you in the SBC. If you sign a three-year contract, we will even offer you the entire installation fees – not only for the setup, but also for the application software/programs.
  • Making calls from anywhere with the company number: It is now possible to obtain various add-ons, for example the SBC Phone. Simply call from home, from the train or the hotel with your cell phone via the company number internally or externally. Conveniently dial the desired number from the SBC and the corresponding call partner will be called.
  • Access device: Are your computers getting on in years and you need a replacement? Use our SBC access clients, the practical PCs with 22-inch screen – including keyboard & mouse and updates in a rental model. You benefit from a guaranteed hardware replacement within one working day, should a device be defective, as well as the automatic remote installation of software updates.
  • Long-term backup: Do you want to store your data for a longer period of time? That’s no problem with SBC either. With the long-term backup option, we can safely store your data for up to two years.

Are you interested? Then contact our sales hotline +41 44 552 13 33.

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