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The web interface of the Ticket Tool can be accessed at The use of the web interface is optional. Support requests can still be made by phone (044 552 13 13) or mail (



Login with e-mail address and password.

The password is independent of the cockpit login and we recommend that you always use your a new password.


Set password / Forgot

A password must be set before the first login. This is done via the link “Request a new password here.”

If no user exists yet, send your request by e-mail. A user will then be created automatically and you can set the password as described above.

You can also use the same procedure to set a new password if you have forgotten it.

Note: For security reasons, please use a different password than the cockpit password.


Create Ticket / Overview

After logging in, you will see all your tickets and their status.

A new ticket can be created via the “+” at the bottom left.


Edit ticket

A ticket can be used to communicate with the support agents. Files and screenshots can be added via drag & drop.

To transfer the data, click on “Update” at the bottom right.

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