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Security 12. July 2018
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In its notification of July 5, 2018, the Confederation warns companies against fraud calls. In the process, the callers are said to pose as bank employees and pretend to have to carry out an update in e-banking, which is then to be tested.

Read the original notification of the Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Assurance of the Swiss Confederation.

We recommend that you check the notification from the Confederation and take action if necessary:

1. Check what information about your own company is accessible online. Only disclose information about your employees on your company website with caution. Use generic e-mail addresses.

2. Be suspicious if someone contacts you with unusual requests and check the caller critically. In the case of unusual contacts and solicitations, it is advisable to consult within the company to verify the accuracy of the request.

3. Make employees aware of these incidents, especially key employees.

4. Never disclose personal access data to third parties by phone, e-mail or on the Internet. Financial institutions will never ask you to provide confidential personal information in a phone call, email or text message.

5. Never install software if you are asked to do so by telephone or in writing. Do not allow outside access to your computer. No bank will ask you to participate in tests of any security updates. Remote accesses by youngsolutions are always performed by means of Team Viewer, which can be downloaded directly from the website.

6. All processes related to payment transactions should be clearly regulated internally and consistently followed by employees in all cases.

Source: MELANI

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