What Is Open Source Software and What Are Its Advantages

01.07.2024 - Technology, Digital Sovereignty

In today’s digitized world, open source software (OSS) has established itself as one of the driving forces for innovation and collaboration. This blog article looks at what open source software is, where it comes from, what its benefits are, the most well-known examples and how the technology landscape has changed.

Schleswig-Holstein Kicks Out Microsoft and Opts for Open Source

13.06.2024 - Digital Sovereignty

The digital rudder is currently being turned in Schleswig-Holstein: Microsoft has to go, and open source software is making its grand entrance. The small federal state in the far north is thus taking a bold step towards digital independence. But what is behind it?

Helvetization of Swisscom

13.06.2024 - Digital Sovereignty

When Swisscom integrates foreign hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure into Swiss life, you might think it’s adding a pinch of “global spice” to our digital soup. But despite the attempt to “Helvetize” these global technology giants, one critical point often remains in the background: American law snaps everywhere, even across the pond!

Free Network, Free Choice

13.06.2024 - Digital Sovereignty

Net neutrality and independence are hot topics in the digital world. But why is this so important?

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